The Space & Meteorite Co specializes in handmade jewelry featuring lunar meteorites. We are currently working with lunar meteorite NWA 5000 and martian meteorite NWA 6963

    Cosmic Origins

    Cosmic Origins

    Everything you own has its origins from the Earth. All the metal, glass and plastic that surrounds you in your daily life comes from this planet. However, meteorites are different. They were born in the cosmos and on other worlds. For a long time meteorites have mostly only been enjoyed by a small circle of collectors. In 2016, we decided to use them in a way that everyone could appreciate and enjoy.

    Why you should choose us:

    Authenticity is fully guaranteed. Unfortunately, fakes are common, but we can provide complete documentation proving the authenticity of our meteorites and we are members of the International Meteorite Collectors Association. We are also fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

    Free Shipping on all US orders.

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Should you not like your jewelry for any reason, it can be returned within 180 days and we will pay the shipping (for US domestic orders only), so returns are 100% free.

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