NWA 11788, A Lunar Black Beauty

NWA 11788, A Lunar Black Beauty

NWA 11788 is a lunar meteorite that was discovered in the African country of Mali in 2017. A lunar meteorite is a rock from Earth's Moon that was ejected from the lunar surface due to an impact event. Occasionally these rocks eventually fall to Earth in the form of meteorites. As of late 2023, 306 confirmed lunar meteorites have been discovered. So far, none have been found in North America, South America or Europe.

NWA 11788 was found as many paired pieces ranging in size from about 2 kgs down to tiny fragments. The total amount recovered to date is 10.44 kg. NWA 11788 is unique in it's coloration which ranges from black to dark grey. 

In 2021 we obtained approximately 1 kg of NWA 11788 from Rob Wesel. See transfer document below. We find that the darker coloration of NWA 11788 makes for a splendid contrast when used in our silver, gold and rose gold jewelry. 

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