Authentic Moon Rock Crescent Series Necklace (From Lunar Meteorite NWA 11788)--18K Gold


Ever promised someone the Moon? Now you can fulfill that promise! 

This lunar meteorite pendant is made with a sample of genuine Moon meteorite fragments, meaning it was once part of the surface of the Moon! The Moon, The Light That Rules the Night, its something that everyone recognizes as so normal they barely give it a second thought yet at the same time it is something truly magical and mysterious.

Real Moon rocks, sounds unbelievable right? I am sure you are wondering how this is possible.

So, how did we get these Moon rock fragments you may ask? They came from lunar meteorite NWA 11788 which was found in 2017 in Mali. Click here for more information.


Lunar meteorites are pieces of the Moon that were blasted into space by an impact event on the lunar surface, occasionally these rocks fall to Earth as meteorites. Lunar meteorites are extremely rare as only just over 300 have ever been found--and none have been found in North America, South America or Europe. 

I am a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA #9257 and The Meteoritical Society so buy with confidence.


This lovely handmade necklace is crafted with sterling silver, plated with 18K gold. The pendant contains approximately 10mg of lunar stone fragments from lunar meteorite NWA 11788. The lunar fragments are covered by a pure crystal glass stone. The crystal stone is shaped in a way as to magnify the magical contents. 

Pendant dimensions: 18mm by 18mm

The chain contains three connection points making it adjustable to the following sizes, 15.5", 17.5" and 19.5" (39.37cm, 44.45cm and 49.53cm). In addition, a 5cm chain extension is included.

This necklace comes presented in a lovely gift box with a gift bag, meteorite information sheet and a signed certificate of authenticity. 

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Super calidad al cliente, super rápidos y...

Super calidad al cliente, super rápidos y ademas un bello artículo a regalar con un muy buen precio

I really like the necklace, the only probl...

I really like the necklace, the only problem I have is that it's so small, it looked bigger in the pictures. The chain also feels thin and delicate and I'm worried it'll break if it got caught on my clothing. The clasp is difficult to open and close as well, it's so small. Overall, I like it. I just have a personal preference for “durable” jewelry

Pictures don't do it justice

Pictures don't do it justice