Real Moon Dust. Sounds Unbelievable, How do I Know it is Real?

How do I know this is real moon dust? This is a very valid question and it is one that should be asked because there is a lot of fake lunar material on the market.

Lunar meteorites are very limited in number. Unlike general merchandise there is no secret wholesale source for them that a seller would need to keep secret. A dealer should tell you exactly where, and how, they obtained their meteorites. If they cannot, will not, or even act offended when asked then something is amiss.

If the dealer’s name doesn’t match the name listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin for the pairing number he/she is using, then the dealer should provide you with a complete chain of custody back to the name provided in the Bulletin. If they cannot provide this information then it is not worth purchasing as the likelihood of it being less than authentic is very high.

See our page with further details how to avoid buying a fake: Here

I can provide documentation showing chain of custody directly from the main mass holder to me.

NWA 5000 was discovered in Morocco in 2007 and obtained by Adam Hupe. For the official Meteoritical Bulletin Click HereA 764g piece of the Meteorite was cut into many smaller slices for sale and distribution to collectors around the world. The cutting process naturally produced some dust as a byproduct. I purchased the lunar dust that was left over from the cutting process directly from Adam. The cutting was done in a sterilized environment using a diamond embedded stainless steel lapidary saw and a diamond lap polishing system, both using 100% pure distilled water as a coolant and is laboratory grade. 

Proof of transfer below (click for a clearer image):

I am writing this because I want my customers to be assured they are getting the real thing. If you have any additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me at

Lastly, Adam has informed me that he has no plans to cut NWA 5000 any further so this material is in limited supply. Once its gone, its gone. Do not miss your chance to own a piece of the moon.