Real Mars Meteorite Fragment Heart Shaped Necklace (From Martian Meteorite NWA 6963)


 I bet you never thought you could own a piece of Mars, did you? You can! 

This martian meteorite pendant is made with a sample of genuine mars meteorite dust/fragments, meaning it was once part of the surface of Mars! Mars, the Red Planet, the mysterious world that humanity has looked up to with wonder and amazement for hundreds of years. You are probably surprised to learn that it is even possible to own a piece of the Red Planet. How is this possible, you might ask? Martian meteorites are rocks that originated on Mars but were violently ejected into space due to catastrophic asteroid/comet impact events on the Martian surface. 

Mars' proximity to the asteroid belt means it gets bombarded much more frequently than Earth, and because Mars' gravity is only 38% of Earth's, ejected materials reach escape velocity much easier. Occasionally some of this material crosses paths with Earth and falls as meteorites. This is a very rare event, as only around 124 martian meteorites have ever been discovered, making them among the rarest of meteorites. For more information: Click Here

The martian meteorite fragments we are using come from Northwest Africa 6963, which was discovered in Morocco in 2011, and is confirmed martian shergottite.

I am a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA #9257 and The Meteoritical Society so buy with confidence. Membership in the IMCA requires referrals from existing members and the application must be voted on and approved by the Board of Directors. Applicants are extensively questioned regarding their meteorite knowledge and experience. Most importantly applicants must agree to abide by the IMCA's Code of Ethics. Any dishonestly or misrepresentation by members is not tolerated. 

This necklace is handmade using solid sterling silver and pure crystal glass. The crystal stone is shaped to allow for some magnification for a close up view of the magical contents. 

Pendant dimension, 15mm by 15mm

The chain contains three connection points making it adjustable to the following sizes, 15.5", 17.5" and 19.5" (39.37cm, 44.45cm and 49.53cm).

Approx. weight of the enclosed martian fragments is 10mg

Comes presented in a lovely gift box with a gift bag, information sheet and a signed certificate of authenticity. 

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